lives are changed everyday
at cityteam

Hear from men, women, and children whose lives are impacted by CityTeam.
People walk through our doors overcome by struggles like homelessness, hunger, poverty, and addiction, but inside they find compassion, help, and hope…

Breaking the Cycle

In the past 13 years, Kayla has experienced multiple family shelters, survived domestic violence, and fought for her children with limited family support. She persevered even when possibility of homelessness weighed heavily on her shoulders.  After finding CityTeam Grace Village, Kayla is breaking the cycle and living in a “season of breakthrough.”

Living out HIS Story

As a young man, Steve says life was good. But as he grew older, Steve began to gravitate toward the wrong crowd and their destructive ideas. What followed were not just years, but decades of aimless wandering. Always moving and never staying in one place long enough to build something meaningful, Steve went nowhere. But Steve is a living testimony that there is always hope for the lost.

Tatianna’s Testimony

Tatianna is just one of the women who has rebuilt her life, thanks to you and CityTeam @ Work. She came to us following ten years of addiction and homelessness. She knew that, with her history, work might be hard to find. “I didn’t know how to do anything for[…]

Love Casts Out Fear

At age 30, Alisha was pregnant, trapped in an abusive marriage, and addicted to drugs and alcohol. Worse, she became homeless and had no choice but to sleep alone in a broken-down car. Penniless, afraid, and summoning her last ounce of courage […]

The Impact of a Hygiene Kit

Food, shelter, and personal hygiene are so easy to take for granted every day. Austin, a current resident in the CityTeam Renew program, shares how the gift of a hygiene kit greatly impacted his life back when he was homeless.


Bernadette struggled with addiction for more than 20 years. Drugs had taken over her life, damaged her relationships with family, and stolen her desire to live. She spent countless days high and countless nights in sleeplessness […]

Walking on a New Path

Chris used to spend his day in aimless walking. But today, thanks to you, he has found his purpose. Lost in addiction. Sleeping outside in the freezing cold. Walking the streets aimlessly, with no hope. No one to help him[…]


Before coming to CityTeam and pursuing recovery, Daniel turned to alcohol to escape. Living a life without hope, he had no will to live. Today, Daniel is living a full and sober life[…]


Some people might have called Joey a “functioning addict,” if there is such a thing. For most of his adult life, he was able to hold a job, pay his bills, and be active in his tight-knit family. Looking back, […]


“My whole life changed the day I walked in this door. The people I was surrounded by, I could just tell–they were ready to help me before I was ready to help myself. And they didn’t even know me.”- Kurtis […]