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The city of Portland is experiencing the worst homeless and addiction crisis in years. In this season, we want to show the community that we have made an unwavering commitment to serve our most vulnerable neighbors. Without organizations like CityTeam who provide proven and  lasting solutions, the crisis will only get worse.

CityTeam holds a very special place in my heart because in the fall of 2018, I found myself homeless and suffering from addiction right here on the streets of Portland. With no one else to turn to for help, CityTeam was there to provide a safe place to sleep, a fresh cooked meal, and a shower. With some dignity restored, the very next day I entered CityTeam Renew. Through that life-giving program, the pathway back to society seemed a little less daunting.

Through all of our transformative programs, we hold our hands open to those who struggle with food insecurity, lack of stable shelter, and substance abuse. When someone shows up at our door, they get more than just a hot meal and a place to sleep. We greet them warmly, call them by their name, and offer them a pathway back to society. It is truly an honor to serve as the executive director of the very organization that saved my life.

Lance Orton, executive director

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CityTeam Portland • 526 SE Grand Ave • Portland OR 97214
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Volunteers make it possible for CityTeam to provide life-changing help to those who are struggling with poverty, hunger, homelessness, and addiction in our communities. With your help we can introduce real hope and provide tools for individuals and families to make real changes in their lives.

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