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All classes will be virtual until we can resume in person meetings. Please contact your instructor for class Zoom links.

Drug and Alcohol Counseling Courses

Certified by the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP), CityTeam Institute offers drug and alcohol counseling courses that lead to certification. The CAADAC courses qualify students to take the examination to become a certified drug and alcohol counselor. CityTeam Institute uses professional, Christian trainers with direct experience in their area of expertise.

One course is offered per month (including a lab), and it is recommended that the courses are taken in order.
The classes are held Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. or can be taken completely online.
The cost is $300 per course.


CAS 001 – Overview of Addiction
Examines the history of alcohol and other mood-changing drugs in the United States; the myths and stereotypes of drug and alcohol use; the socio-cultural factors that contribute to the use of drugs; and the patterns and progressions of addictions. (4.5-quarter units)
Syllabus – 001

CAS 002 – Physiology and Pharmacology
Provides students with a working knowledge of all addictive drugs, their classification, mechanisms of action and pharmacology. It focuses on enabling the students to understand and clearly present and discuss the disease concept of dependency. (4.5-quarter units)
Syllabus – 002

CAS 003 – Law and Ethics
Familiarizes students with, rules, regulations, laws and ethics related to the professional practice of drug and alcohol counseling. (4.5-quarter units)
Syllabus – 003

CAS 004 – Case Management
Helps students understand the core function of case management. (4.5-quarter units)
Syllabus – 004

CAS 005 – Individual, Family & Group Counseling
Helps students focus on the objectives of counseling theories, processes, and dynamics. (4.5-quarter units)
Syllabus – 005

CAS 006 – Personal and Professional Development
Highlights the professional growth of a counselor, certification requirements, and other topics of interest for the aspiring counselor. (4.5-quarter units)
Syllabus – 006

CAS 007 – Supervised Practicum
Supervised Practicum is a course in which students complete a 255 hour internship at an approved agency setting where a qualified staff person provides direct supervision. The instructor shall be available for consultation with the student should a problem arise at the agency. The instructor is also an intermediary among the agency, the student and the educational institution. The practicum shall begin during the course and completed within one year of the practicum class. (4.5-quarter units)
Syllabus – 007

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