Even though Tonya worked as hard as she could and kept long hours, she wasn’t able to keep up with the rising costs of rent in the Delaware Valley. She ended up homeless for almost an entire year.

Working and earning enough money for a permanent place to sleep got more difficult when she became pregnant. Thinking about the additional expenses to take care of a newborn made her feel hopeless and alone in the family shelter.

A friend told Tonya that CityTeam’s Mother Baby program could help her. Tonya really appreciated the diapers, formula and clothes she couldn’t have gotten without the program. The hot meals and job-skills training helped her turn her life around.

Today, Tonya is working and has a small apartment that CityTeam helped her furnish.

“I am grateful to CityTeam and the caring staff and volunteers. They showed me the right way to support my baby,” said Tonya. “We are going to be okay because we have a roof over our heads and can go for a family dinner at CityTeam.”