CityTeam Hangers for Hope

Donation Amounts:

$250 — Critical Services

Help provide critical services such as hot meals, shelter, clothing, or medical help for unsheltered men to open the door to lasting solutions.

$1,000 — Access to Food

Help provide access to food that will nourish our neighbors in need through our community dining hall, our Hope on Wheels food truck, and distribution locations.

$2,500 — CityTeam @ Work

Help provide education resources vocational training and support so men in our supportive, residential programs can graduate with a living wage job and stable housing.

$5,000 — for transitional housing

Help provide an entire year of care for one man in our residential program to receive a new start at life and freedom from the grips of life-controlling behaviors or homelessness.

$12,000 — for one year in the program

Help provide support and shelter for a man to get back on his feet again after facing unexpected life changes or sudden homelessness.

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